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7 different Mesoaja of the Year categories

Mesoaja presents awards in 7 different categories to those who have demonstrated excellence in expos and the unconventional in conventions. The award winners are customer company representatives who have made bold decisions with regard to their exhibition presence, adopted new solutions and had a positive impact on the development of exhibition media.

The application to Mesoaja 2021 Awards will open soon. The winners are chosen by an esteemed jury consisting of influential figures and experts in the media and event sector. The Mesoaja Award Gala on 2 March 2021 is an invitation-only event for which you can also buy dinner cards. Each category winner will be rewarded with a scholarship of 3000€ granted by The Finnish Fair Foundation.


Learn more about the categories below!

The Impression-Maker of the Year

In this category, the award goes to the year’s most promising newcomer in the exhibitions and events sector or a seasoned veteran who has made a particular impression. The nominees are active and influential figures in the field who have boosted exhibition media with their actions. As we need both pioneers and visionaries to ensure the progress in the sector, we will reward the most merited of them annually.

The Marketing Professional of the Year

The category is looking for companies, organisations or brands that have managed to use the content of the event in their own marketing activities in a creative and fruitful manner before, during and after the event. Successful communications are part of marketing, too, and the Marketing Professional of the Year also excels in taking media representatives into account.

The Exhibition Feat of the Year

The category looks for new and insightful ways to execute exhibitions. In the era of changes, someone needs to be the first. We present the award to a company, organisation or person that has, through its actions, cleared the path for others to a successful exhibition experience.

The Event of the Year

The Event of the Year stands out among thousands of events. The event is a carefully planned entity that speaks to the desired target audience. The category focuses on original execution, unforgettable experiences, results achieved and feedback provided by guests.

The Stand of the Year

In this category, the award is granted to the exhibition stand which is designed and executed with creativity, without compromising the targets. A well-functioning stand contributes to the achievement of the targets and takes into account everything from an unforgettable customer experience to the personnel’s needs, regardless of the size or the budget.

The Exhibition Team of the Year

Smooth teamwork is at centre stage in a successful exhibition presence. The award for the Exhibition Team of the Year is granted to an exhibition project team who huffs and puffs all the while keeping the fire burning bright. The cornerstones of successful exhibition work are professional leadership, internal communications and making a good use of the skills of the team members.

The Experience of the Year

The Experience of the Year can be a programme or a phenomenon that exceeds the guests’ expectations, delights, entertains and evokes emotions – the experts share their know-how on the stage and the guests learn new things. At its best, the experience changes behaviour or opinions and leaves a lasting memory.